Maxfree F2 Triple Laptop Screen Extender 14''

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Multiple Mode

Rapid Expansion

Use Maxfree f2 tri screen to help you display desired images on multiple screens at the same time, thereby improving work efficiency.

Multiple Mode

Easy to Duplicate

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

Multiple Mode

Ease in Trips

Flight seat too narrow? Laptop too heavy? Maxfree f2 portable extra monitor screen can help you. You can carry a separate screen connected to your laptop or phone to start handling your urgent work tasks, or to have an exciting game.

Multiple Mode

Expand Business

Whether indoors or outdoors, you can easily carry a Maxfree f2 laptop screen extender display to share your information with your business partners anytime, anywhere.Efficient & Convenient.

Vertical 360° Rotation

Can freely switch the display mode according to your need.

Horizontal 360° Rotation

Muti-angle, multi-functional work efficiency.


Surround Speakers

Built-in speakers for better sound quality, richer and louder sound effects bring you an immersive home theater experience and relax your mind after you finish your work.


Elevate your Surface experience

Perfectly compatible with various laptop systems, including Windows, MAC M1 MAX/M1 PRO/M2 PRO/M2 MAX, PC, Surface, Xbox, PS4/PS5, etc. Enjoy seamless integration and a smooth dual-screen experience.


Plug & Play with No Drivers Needed

Achieve seamless connectivity with just one full-featured Type-C cable (with Thunderbolt interface). Say goodbye to cumbersome connection processes and Enjoy instant usage with the F2 triple portable monitor for laptops.

Product Specification

Product Model



3.0 Lbs (2.62 KG)


15.3×9.76x1.1 inch



Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Sewist and the Geek
Excellent Portable Monitor

I'm no expert on monitors or computers. I'm just a person who sometimes needs to work on a laptop from a hotel room or conference center and need more space than my laptop screen alone offers.

The Maxfree F2 Portable Monitor for Laptop is perfect. It is fairly easy to set up, connected immediately to my laptop and can be adjusted portrait or landscape.

I found setup to be easy. I think the hardest time I had was understanding the concept. I thought this attached to my laptop, but no, this is like a laptop stand ,(the base goes under the laptop) with an adjustable arm that pops up and holds the monitor.

The size of the screen is not terribly large but good for my needs; mostly reading data files. I love the portrait orientation for spreadsheet files particularly.

I'm mostly going through data files and working with very limited programs so for me, the resolution is no problem.
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Shawn Harris
Sturdy, portable, what the doctor ordered

This met my expectations and then some. Thought the quality would be less than price point indicated, but the opposite is true. The reviews regarding the solid construction are all true, as the metal compartment and arms, et al, are very well built. The resolution/screen size was not what I wanted, but not misrepresented. Only thing I'd change is ability to have 15" or 17" monitors, which would understandably make it slightly less portable for most backpacks. For the price point, representation, construction, and meeting the niche market...this is spot on! I was concerned about other products' support structure for hanging on the laptop, so having the underlying platform resolved that. Not doing any precise, crystal clear video productions, but that is not my need. I am doing development work and music production, so is perfect! Everybody at work is asking for the link to get these. You're welcome!

Productivity game changer

My husband is a SPED teacher and this triple monitor setup has been a game changer.

If you have a job that requires a lot of different paperwork and reference items for doing your job, this is a great laptop screen setup. It was easy to set up and looks great. It's sturdy without being bulky so it's definitely portable, though heavy.

The best thing about it is how flexible it is. You can set it up in several different configurations based on your needs. It's so nice to be able to see all your reference documents when you're working on a project.

Based on the specs, I don't think it will work very well for hardcore gaming. I personally game on a desktop PC, so I didn't test it with my laptop using any games but I don't think this will cut it based on the refresh rate. It's fine for casual games, or for multitasking though.

great portable monitor

The screens were a lot higher quality than the ones in the plastic frames. It is thinner & sharper. Sturdy metal construction to go with your equally high-quality laptop. The laptop lid is very secure and easy to use. It has made a positive difference in my productivity and being able to complete work more efficiently. I have used it for work, watching movies, and even gaming, and it has not let me down. It's also been great for live streaming so I can have my streaming software open on one window and the programs I need to bring into the stream on the others. Cannot recommend high enough. The screens themselves are a standout feature. They are bright, clear, and offer a high-quality visual experience, enhancing my productivity on the go

Brett Bilbrey
Works better than I expected

- Worked well with my 2021 16 MacBook Pro
- Quality parts and materials
- The screens store nicely in the case, and are very portable.
- The screens have a fair amount of adjustability, so it is not hard to arrange them the way you want
- A variety of supported devices (Mac, PC, Surface, XBOX, PS4/5, etc)
- Supports USB-C and Mini HDMI input (I have not used the Mini HDMI yet)
- Has speakers (but Ive not been able to use them with my Mac)
- The screens mount and work in both landscape and portrait modes.

- Does not support one window across multiple monitors
- Does drain laptop battery when not connected to a wall power adapter
- The extended screen displays will shut off when you connect or disconnect the power supply (be patient they will come back after the system settles down)
- On Apple, I could not find out how to play audio though BOTH my MacBook Pro speakers AND the F2 Speakers (one or the other, but not all at once)

Overall, even with the cons I have identified, I like the F2 monitors. They are a bit pricy, but they work as advertised. Ive included my setup so you can see what an actual system setup looks like.If this kind of setup is what you need, the F2 monitors will work well for you.