Maxfree Affiliate Program

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Our goal is to enable anyone (The Portable Monitor users or not) to share their passion for our innovative products and our mission—to revolutionize the way people work and enhance productivity in an increasingly flexible world.

As a partner of Maxfree, you will have the opportunity to promote and sell Hiboy products and earn commissions for each sale.

Joining the Maxfree Affiliate Program is simple. Firstly, you need to register as an affiliate on the official Maxfree website. Once your application is approved, you will receive an exclusive affiliate link or discount code. You can use these links or codes across various channels such as your own website, blog, social media accounts, and more.

As a partner of Maxfree, you will become part of their team, driving the growth of sustainable mobility solutions. You will collaborate with a brand known for innovation and quality, providing exceptional products and services to customers.

How Does It Works?

Free to Join

It is 100% free to join.

Extra Discount Code

Know maxfree discount early.


Earn up to 7%-10% commission.

30-Day Cookie 

Full Data feed availability.

High Average Order Value

About $200-300 per order.

What We Provide

  • Up to 7-10% commission 
  • Regularly updated banners, including store banners and promotional banners 
  • Exclusive coupons 
  • Professional affiliate team support 

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