About Us

Have you ever felt frustrated when constantly switching screens to compare or read data from different sources? Yoli and Mark, as passionate video editors and tech enthusiasts, have encountered this issue too many times. They realized it was a tremendous waste of time and decided to envision a tool that could extend their laptop screen. They took immediate action, searching for a supplier of portable monitors and establishing Freeman Intelligent Power Limited in 1992, with MAXFREE as their registered brand. Their ultimate goal was to provide creators with maximum freedom.

With an in-depth understanding of the modern work landscape, Yoli and Mark handpicked a team of talented engineers and designers who shared their passion for developing practical and efficient solutions. Each portable monitor they crafted underwent meticulous attention, incorporating groundbreaking advancements in display technology to deliver unparalleled visual clarity, vibrant colors, and immersive viewing experiences. The multi-screen feature enabled users to effortlessly multitask, collaborate, and stay connected, regardless of their ambitions.

Soon, the first portable monitors were brought to life. After successful testing, Yoli and Mark decided to ramp up production. Their innovative portable monitor empowered professionals, students, and digital nomads to unleash their full creative potential anywhere they went. The foldable design, combined with cutting-edge technology, enabled users to seamlessly extend their laptop screens, transforming any workspace into a productivity powerhouse.

At Freeman Intelligent Power Limited, our mission is to liberate individuals from the constraints of traditional work setups. We strive to redefine the balance between work and life by empowering professionals to work efficiently while embracing the freedom of a mobile lifestyle. Our portable monitor serves as a catalyst for productivity and creativity, seamlessly enabling users to multitask, collaborate, and stay connected, no matter where their ambitions take them.

Vision: Redefine work-life balance while embracing the freedom of a mobile lifestyle.

Mission: Empower individuals to achieve maximum freedom in their work.

Email: support@maxfree.com.